ATTENTION PUPPY OWNERS (4 months and older*) is your puppy destroying your furniture, backyard, clothing or shoes? Chances are they need attention. If your are worried about your puppy needing play time, exercise, interaction with people and other dogs, we cover all of these for you with our basic puppy socialization program.

The program consists of basic social skills, like playing and socializing with other dogs, knowing how to introduce himself/herself to the pack and how to confront and resolve without aggression a situation where he/she’s approached by other dogs. We’ll teach your dog about boundaries and limits and we’ll teach you how to apply those at home. We’ll keep your puppy busy all day long, you won’t even notice you have a dog when your puppy comes back home after a day at Julian’s.

The program cost is the cost of the daycare for two weeks which is $165, and you would have to make the commitment to bring your dog in every day for that period of time at least for 5 hours in the morning Monday through Friday, (you don’t have to be here).

For information about puppy program call (915) 581-2850 (West side)

or (915) 307-3116 (East side).

*Rabies, DHPP and bordetella shots needed. Dogs need to be spayed or neutered if older than 6 months